DigiTalia #2 –

As promised last week, DigiTalia will attempt bring you a short, sharp intro into new, and nearly new sites, applications and digital marketing paraphernalia that have created some sort of a buzz on the web.

Some may have fairly apparent commercial use –others may just be downright quirky!

Which leads me nicely into talking about

Obvious, the company that gave birth to Twitter in March 2006, say their goal is…

“ …to create interesting things that matter to the world—and a great place for creative, smart people to work.”

Although creative and smart, I’m not sure Twitter matters to the whole world, but from their blog they have numerous stories where it has mattered greatly to some people.

In a nutshell – you sign up, tap in where you are or what you’re up to and you’re away!

Obviously if you want anyone to know your every movement you have to invite some friends to “follow” you, or you can choose to bare all to the web on the Public Timeline which updates every 4 minutes with all sorts of musings and gobbledygook fromaround the world.

Add your mobile number and instant messenger address and you can text or ping your whereabouts or what you’re thinking from just about anywhere.

Add it to your blog for stickiness and ubiquity too!

Even the guys at The Guardian and Sky News have jumped on it as a great way to get news or discussion out there via ahip distribution channel.

Nice little app – good for social networkers……….great for burglars!

  • Jack Wallington

    I tried Twitter a while ago but I couldn’t get into it… I hadn’t realised it does everything you mention. As an avid socialmediaite I’m going to have to take a second look.