Mobile Friends A Snip At £11k

The Telegraph reports today, just how toxic mobile downloads can be to the wallet if you, or your wife, are not careful!

It's sad how a ridiculous case like this is what it takes, to strengthen the resolve of the powers-that-be to put a stop to the outlandish roaming fees the mobile operators get away with…..

  • Mark Bridge

    This particular case involves someone accidentally using data when abroad, not the usual situation of getting carried away when browsing. Of course, the flip side of the situation says (a) there’s a reasonable chance these were illegal copies of the TV shows, (b) downloading 4 TV shows would probably have breached the mobile company’s ‘fair use’ guidelines even in the UK, and (c) if people don’t want to pay this particular network’s international data charges, they can change to another network. Sure, data roaming charges ARE generally too high – but this example doesn’t really prove anything.