Microsoft Threatening The Net

The BBC have a story about the Google reaction to the proposed Microsoft/Yahoo! deal.

I can't comment obviously but what do you think?

  • Andrew Willshire

    Of course Google aren’t happy – they’re the ones with most to lose. If you consider the fact that they haven’t yet found a back-up business model that produces revenue on all the cool stuff they do (Google Earth etc) then any prospect of a serious competitor in the pay-per-click advertising World will seriously harm their future growth. Also, if Google are able to compete with Microsoft in the domain of Office applications, webmail, etc., then why shouldn’t Microsoft be allowed to compete in the Search domain? If I was feeling brave, I might say that Google is in danger of looking like a one-trick pony for whom the most likely future is stagnation and share-price decline. It doesn’t help that Google soiled their reputation in the search for corporate growth with the China deal. All this is just my opinion of course, and I am perfectly prepared to accept the fact that i could be terribly, terribly wrong…