Death By Blogging?

Check out this article in the NYTimes to see what we Media Week bloggers have to endure to bring you news, views and opinion….

We don't get paid, but I've put on 5 stone since Friday worrying about my content for this week. You really have no idea how stressful this can be, not getting paid for sticking our heads above the parapet and daring to say what we feel about a topic!


My post a couple of weeks ago about blogging and traditional media living in the same flatshare, albeit working different hours, didn't mention stress and ill-health because any blogger I know is fit and well and loving life!

For some blogs, I think it's more interesting when they DON'T cover a story or have an opinion. Keeps me guessing whether they might hit me later in the week with an exclusive.

You may have noticed I've kept silent about the Yahoo!/Microsoft deal………well it's because I'd probably get fired if I did!