Thrown Out Of The FaceParty!

I'm 36! I don't have a Faceparty account but if I did I would be about to be frog marched off their premises for being too old…

Marketing Week reports that government legislation has forced them into a corner because they can't check addresses against Gordon's sex offender list.

But where do they get the 36 year threshold from? Seems a bit arbitrary?

And who does their PR?

"We understand that only a minority of older users are sex offenders, but you must understand that we cannot tell which."


Do you think they'd let me sign up if I said I always get asked for ID in the US?

Seriously though, where does this leave Facebook, Bebo and the rest? I'm sure I've not added my address to either of those….

  • Andrew McCormick

    Should 36-year-olds plus be more entitled to set up a Faceparty account than under 50s who aren’t allowed to use Saga Zone?

  • Mel Carson

    Where do I go for the next 14 years then Andrew??? Help I’m in limbo!!

  • AwallafaShagba

    im sure sex offenders pretend to be 16 – so what the hell has 36 got to do with it !

  • Andrew McCormick

    Mel – i think you and I have just stumbled on a brilliant new biz idea! Bored of Microsoft? Let’s set something up for folk in their thirties.

    MySpace, Bebo, Faceparty – too childish. Saga Zone – too old. Facebook puts me off because the founder is about 12.

    I’ll get thinking…

  • Mel Carson

    OK – Let’s hope nobody else is reading my blog! :-)

  • What a disaster. I considered Faceparty a vital part of my toolkit. How else could you get in touch with the interests and motives of the crummy underbelly of blighty, without having to visit these places, or sit in on focus group meetings for Take A Break etc

    as they were wont to say on their profiles, under a picture of them in an Ann Summers Size 16 grope-suit cuddling their staffy dog.

  • Of course, they should have cut it at 35, so they had a lovely self-contained 16-34 adult audience to sell to advertisers.
    EPIC FAIL as I believe they say nowadays.