Avioding The Credit Crunch – Straight From A Dragon’s Mouth

James Caan, the new bloke in the Dragon’s Den, has been giving away advice in the Sunday Times Business Section.

In a series called Minimising Risk, he offers tips to businesses on how to analyse the market and be more imaginative when promoting themselves.

In these times of belt-tightening and re-assessment of operating costs, it’s great to read James going straight in with the web! :-)

“With customers no longer randomly looking for a product or service, the internet offers a great opportunity to develop a targeted route to your market…….firms need to focus on the content, functionality and positioning of their web presence.”

He doesn’t go into too much detail. I’d have expected him to at least mention affiliate marketing because of its performance based, low risk attributes.

However, it was nice to see yet another high-profile businessman promoting our marketing channel.

I’m seeing more and more of it in the main-stream press and long may it continue!

  • Awalla Fa’Shagba

    Long live James Cann.. Strikes me that he is destined to take Peter’s crown as favourite dragon.