Liz Jones – I don’t hate you but…..

…..your article in last weekend’s Mail on Sunday – 400 Facebook Friends, But Who Else Did The Web Let Into Laurent’s Life? – was a little silly!

Here are a few comments:

– Individuals and companies search for their names online in order to measure their online reputation all the time. The internet has given a fabulous voice to all and sundry via blogs and forums, so knowing what people are saying about you or your company, good or bad, is necessary in order to improve products or services or to take action if you feel you’ve been hard done by.

– Men can be guilty of spending too much time online but according to the Internet Advertising Bureau, women aged 25-34 spend more time at their computer screens than men.

– Anyone who types in their name followed by “genius” doesn’t deserve you as they obviously don’t know how search engines work – I hope you took him to the cleaners!

– I have over 400 Facebook friends – I actually know and have met over 90% of them through work and the online advertising industry. The rest are friends of friends who I have a shared interest with and may be interested in something I have to say and vice-versa. “Friend” is just a word for “connection” so to patronize anyone born since 1990 as “under-achieving and nerdy and friendless” because they spend time online interacting with other people is simply showing your age Liz. A huge number of interactions are people organising nights out or events and sharing photos of their holidays or the evening before. They’re using online to enhance and organise their offline lives. Offline lives that are full and plentiful!

– According to the Brand Futurist Martin Lindstrom those of us over 30 can cope with receiving communication from 1.7 channels at the same time, so watching TV while surfing the net. Anyone under 20 can cope with 5.4 channels – he thinks that might be a factor in those with ADHD – but that said so what if they’re socialising online as well. For some it’s just the outlet they need to engage with other people and perhaps take the relationship further in real life. Just think of the huge successes of internet dating or forums to do with anything from fly fishing to mountaineering to plane spotting!

– Online security is a very important concern. Most people “get” how to be safe online with privacy permissions etc, but some don’t, and we should continue to educate and inform responsibly those who may be as vulnerable online as anywhere else in life.

– Your article’s sensational headline and the tenuous link to the tragic murders of Laurent & Gabriel, somehow suggesting social networking might have been to blame, is the icing on the cake of how silly and uninformed your words are.

It’s no wonder when you search for your name you find that some peopledon’t likeyou…..

  • Rich Sutcliffe

    Just read Liz Jones piece. The woman’s clearly a blithering idiot.

  • Alex Lane

    You could dedicate a whole blog to the anti-wisdom of Liz Jones. Just read her Glastonbury piece and marvel at the crappy Photoshop job which has her head superimposed on a body at least 20 years younger, and involves no less than 4 images clumsily comped together.