Blog Traffic Is Getting Bigger and Bigger

In Hitwise’s July newsletter, its featured article talks about how visits to blogs and personal websites hit 1.9% of all internet activity in June.

Now that might not sound a lot, but the fact that the growth of blog traffic is outpacing that of “traditional” news sites is the main takeaway for me from the piece.

Over the last three years visits to blogs have grown 171% compared to 70% for news and media sites.

The newsletter reads, “Interestingly, blogs have a greater market share of visits in the UK than in the US. Blogs accounted for 1.09% of all Internet visits in Britain during May, but only 0.73% in the US.”

Google’s Blogger platform is the most popular platform with an awful lot of traffic going to The BBC and The Guardian blog networks.

So why is this?

Well I think there are a number of factors at play here:

– Sites like Brand Republic and Media Week have embraced the medium realising there’s a place for both community driven as well as traditional “reporting” of events and issues.

– Blogging is immediate. Something happens and it can be live on a blog within seconds. No editorial process needed. News and views are being pumped out like sausages!

– Search plays a huge part. Because there are so many blogs, blog posts are appearing more and more in search results. This Google search for information on Tradedoubler’s acquisition of The Search Works shows my post from this blog just below their own press releases. Another post on Google’s Best Practice Funding also appears prominently.

– People see blogging as an outlet for creative thought and, in some cases, egotism. In this day and age of reality TV, how more realistic can you get than bearing your soul on line where millions can read your musings.

Do you read blogs? Do you write for a blog?

If so…………….why?

  • Peter Martin

    Money. I realised that I read a lot to help stock my site, so it wasn’t a stretch to stick links to what I read on my blog and add a comment or two.

    People like what I find and/or share, and some even like my comments.

    So they visit more. More visitors=more money.

    Plus I get invited to things.

    Which is neat, ‘cos I don’t get out much.

  • Mel Carson

    Ah yes – I completely missed what makes the world go around!

    You are right though! Reading and then commenting on blogs helps bring traffic back. I had 100s of visits once to one of my other blogs because I was the first trackback on a Techcrunch post once….

  • Justin Hunt

    I think those figures are really interesting Mel. For me blogging is at the heart of social media. The fact that people can easily blog and participate on the web and share views is driving this upwards trend. I also think people enjoy the creativity that blogging offers. I think a mistake people sometimes make is to ignore the rich diversity of blogs that are out there. Blogs can reach niches which traditional publishers could never afford to address in a meaningful way which is another reason why they have a unique appeal.