Google – Are We Running Out Of Domain Names?

Not according to Vint Cerf – Chief Internet Evangelist at Google – who was just on BBC Breakfast.

In a 5 minute piece on the future of the web “Bill ‘n’ Sian” managed to asked some silly questions (at their own admission) about whether there was life on other planets when Vint was talking about the interplanetary internet communication protocol he’s working on!

Vint said our fridge should be able to talk to us by scanning the produce items in the chiller and surfing the internet while we’re at work, producing an ideal recipe for when we get home famished!

Are we running out of domain names? Well no, but we are running out of internet addresses which will expire by 2011.

Luckily IPV6 has been introduced to take over from IPV4 and will provide trillions more addresses to use.

Would have liked some more insight from the great man but he was removed to make way for a piece on how to get your grandma to text more!

Come on BBC! Please give your geeky viewers a few more minutes of substance in the morning!


  • Awalla Fa’Shagba

    No no i need my 80 year old granny to text – Then i won’t have to speak to her every day.