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Gobsmacked By E-Consultancy’s Social Media Report!

Brand Republic’s DB just popped into my inbox and the headline – Firms to spend more on social media – caught my eye.

A report by E-Consultancy and cScape on customer engagement has established that because of the economic downturn:

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Tesco with your Tosca, Kenco with your Kanye West or Germoline with your Genesis?

I’ve just signed up to Peter Gabriel’s music download project and am listening to all sorts of stuff for free, streaming it across the web to my laptop as I write.

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Local commercial media must exploit Ofcom video ruling

Ofcom’s pronouncement on Friday that the BBC’s proposed online video service is potentially anti-competitive provides some rare good news for the local commercial media sector.

It prompted the BBC Trust to reject its video proposals and instruct BBC management to drop its local expansion plans.

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Ladies & Gentlemen….Please Welcome……..

Planes are great places to learn something, and I’ve been on enough of them in recent weeks to have fathered an encyclopaedia of facts, figures and inane trivia.

BA’s Business Life mag is a great source of news, views and interesting articles about entrepreneurs and how to get that extra edge in the board room.

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Kangaroo is still a good proposition for advertisers

If you look at what some of media’s movers and shakers were saying in Media Week’s review of the year at the end of 2007, one of the most exciting developments in 2008 was meant to be the Kangaroo online, on-demand TV initiative.

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Agency/client merry-go-round bad for everyone

It’s been a frantic period for media agency reviews, pitches and decisions – and there is no sign of this trend slowing as the economic downturn continues to kick in.

Last week, Media Week broke the story of OMD’s annexe of the enormous consolidated £650m pan-European Renault-Nissan review; Santander is reviewing its £32m UK planning and buying deal with Carat; Mediaedge:cia has finally won the £14m pan-European MBNA account from BLM Quantum; Vizeum has taken Coca-Cola Enterprises’ Appletiser and Capri-Sun from MEC to add to its existing Coca-Cola GB work, as well as winning Carnival Group Cruises from Starcom; Boots has moved from MediaCom to OMD; Mindshare has won Bayer from PHD; eBay is reviewing, so is Vodafone, with incumbent OMD going head to head with Carat again for this £57m UK account, as it did with Renault-Nissan.

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Social Media Rife In Vegas!

I’m sitting in a hotel room on the 26th floor of the W in downtown Seattle slowly recovering from an action packed week at PubCon in Las Vegas.

PubCon is the annual conference set up by the folks at and attracts thousands of web marketers from all over theworld to learn from the very best and then to have the very best time!

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Lurkers – Addressing The Silent Majority

Tess Alps’ column in the latest edition of Media Week was spot on.

In it she mentioned Thinkbox’s new blog – Televisionaries – but unfortunately didn’t actually give us the URL which may have been an editorial gaff but does add much weight to her premise that what you do offline drives online discussion in the blogosphere.

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Bursting The New Media Bubble

As the dark nights get longer and colder, I’m not sure whether I’ve been struck down by SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder – or I just need to get real and chug a few mulled wines a couple of weeks early as…….to tell you the truth……I’m a bit depressed!

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Media must improve its presentation to get on top table

And so to another set of industry gongs, this time the IPA Effectiveness Awards that were handed out at the Hurlingham Club in south-west London last night.

Regular readers will already know of my fondness for our own Media Week Awards, which were presented last week (don’t worry, I’m not going to bang on about them any more), but the IPA awards are a very different animal.

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