Interview – Matt McGowan from Search Engine Strategies – Get a 20% Discount!

For readers of Media Week who might not be aware of what Search Engine Strategies is, could you give us the 30 second “elevator pitch”?

SES London is the only established Search Marketing Conference in the UK. Specifically it is a forum for marketers and their executive management teams to get together with expert practitioners and discuss digital marketing opportunities for their business specifically as they relate to Search Engine Marketing and Optimisation (SEM/SEO). SES London is a fantastic opportunity to see if your marketing plan stacks up to the competition’s.

You’re relatively new to the top job overseeing all the global events, how’s it been going?

So far so good… the Search and larger Digital communities have welcomed me with open arms, and for that I am extremely grateful.

Let’s not forget about and by the way (the sites get over a million digital marketing and agency professionals visiting each month!).

How do UK search marketers stack up against folks from the rest of the world? Do you see any regional differences in approach?

Search Marketers transcend boarders… there are a few differences but for the most part skill levels are not dictated by region. One difference I have seen however is that multilingual SEO and multi-language PPC management is of greater importance to UK SEMs likely due to their closer proximity to Europe and its bouquet of cultures/languages (this however is on a case by case basis and is more company specific than regional).

What can delegates expect from this year’s show?

50 Sessions designed so that you leave with pages upon pages of actionable notes (Paid Search and SEO fundamentals through to advanced techniques, Landing Page Tuning, Social Media Marketing, Successful Site Architecture, Brand Management and much more), 80+ Expert Speakers & 2 Keynotes – Matt Mason, who will speak about how the youth culture online is blurring the long-established boundaries between right and wrong online and how business can take advantage of this phenomenon and then a roundtable Keynote discussion on where the SEO Industry is headed, which will feature moderator and show host, Mike Grehan alongside the all star panel Kevin Ryan, Rand Fishkin, Brett Tabke, Chris Sherman, and Jill Whalen.

We have also added an extra day of classroom style SEM training for those who can not make the 3 day commitment or those who want to fully immerse themselves in all things Search.

This is really a fantastic opportunity to get out of the office for a few days meet some new people and really catch up on all the developments the industry has experience this past year.

Any incentives to attend in these lean economic times?

For you… of course. Because your subscribers are smart enough to read your column they get a 20% discount to the show if they use 20MWK during the registration process.