Daily Archives: January 26, 2009

Agency bosses not in the poor house yet

Times might be tough in media but the top players in the agency community are still more than happy to pay themselves juicy salaries, according to a new report.

Accountancy firm Kingston Smith’s Financial Performance of Marketing Services Companies 2008 shows the top-paid director at Media Planning Ltd earned £1.4m in 2007, 72% up on the previous year. Mindshare UK’s top earner took home over a million pounds as well (£1.02m).

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Are Facebook & Twitter Better Than Porn?

Robin Goad at Hitwise has just Tweeted that we’re spending more time on social networking sites than fiddling around with online porn!

Apparently this change took place in October but Robin’s been keeping his beady eye on it and although the gap hasn’t widened much, our love for keeping in touch is still out-weighing our need for titillation!

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Behind bars

I had the rare pleasure of spending time at HM Prison Wolds this week ….. and before you start thinking Howie’s in trouble with Sarbanes-Oxley or something, it was actually in the company of Hedley Aylott, the founder and MD of Summit Media and the operation he runs there.

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