Is This The Year of Mobile?

Maybe not……but one of these years (soon) it will be and you should be ready!


Media Week, reporting on the new IAB figures, headlined that mobile ad spend is up 99% in 12 months.


Reasons are obviously cheaper, better handsets, cheaper data packages and the fact iPhone users are seven times more likely to be checking news and info on the move.


And with prices coming down even further, sites like Facebook & Twitter easily driving people to network via their mobiles, and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.5 platform being released later this year, more and more time will be spent on handhelds which means more eyeballs for you!


Try and think globally too. I was in South Africa recently and TV ads were wall-to-wall driven by mobile, SMS this and SMS that. Most folks over there can’t afford PCs but the ALL seem to have mobiles.


The other reason to get savvy is because if you don’t, your competitors will be and that’s a bad place to be. Too many people think that a recession is for battening down the hatches and taking fright but it isn’t.


Now is the time to be experimenting with this stuff. You should be drip feeding some spend and resources and building up your expertise and brand impact for when big budgets get released and you can go gung-ho!


2009 may not be the year of the mobile but it’s sure as hell the year for learning about it and getting prepared for when the flood gates open and you have the opportunity to capitalize.

  • Gonca Telli Yamamoto

    Not only for the spending on mobile ads but also the usage rates and new technologies are very impressive and router to the new social and personal media.
    There will be no need to have TV ads after the mobile epidemic. The companies should be ready for this new type of media for their sake

  • Lady_BD

    I disagree, I think mobile works best combined with other media. I think we will see TV, outdoor, press etc using mobile as an interaction tool, to generate response. Online didn’t kill off TV, press etc, it has created challenges for theese mediums but how many ads have websites as a call to action? Yet people are more likely to have there phone by their side, than their computer/laptop whilst watching TV or reading the paper. Using mobile as a call to action could be a saviour for traditional mediums.