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YaSoft, BingHoo, YaBing, MicroYa……

Let’s face it, none of them have a really good ring do they?


What does sound good though is the deal!


When the announcement was made on Wednesday I was judging an SEO award where all the talk was about Google.

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Tories must think twice before cutting ad spend

Figures released last week show the Government is now by far the largest advertiser in the UK.


It spent ÂŁ211m of its ÂŁ540m marketing communications budget on advertising in 2008/09, a 35% increase on the previous year, and forged ahead of the other two biggest spenders – Proctor & Gamble and Unilever. Campaigns on obesity, road safety, smoking and climate change were just some of the areas driving this.

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This SEO Business Doesn’t Travel Small!

This afternoon I’m going to judge some digital travel awards within the travel sector which centre around SEO or search engine optimization.


While big travel sites are investing heavily in agencies and in-house teams to revamp their pages, build links and create engaging and compelling content, many small businesses still aren’t and it’s a shame.

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Web charging and technologies can plug revenue gap

Interesting that Media Week has unveiled an influx of senior investors who are joining media trading platform MediaEquals in the same week the debate about newspapers charging for online content reignited.

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Digital finally penetrating MW Awards

I had the pleasure of spending some time at Haymarket Towers last week to begin the judging process at the Media Week awards. After years judging the awards, this year struck me as the first in which digital media is getting some real cut-through in the media buying and planning marketplace.

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Aga Ovens Go Digital

After 300 years Aga, the company that makes those warm and cosy ovens that cost a bomb, have been marketing a new gizmo which brings their style of cooking bang up to date.

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Tweeting at Conferences – Pitfalls & Positives


Sue Unerman’s recent Media Week Comment “Conference tweets left the chair and speakers lagging behind” had me tittering a little. There has been a fabulous trend recently for using Twitter Fall and HashTags at conferences to show live tweets on stage and solicit questions from the audience but, as Sue points out from a recent Guardian conference, it is fraught with danger as it’s open to abuse.

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Stylist will fill a gap in the market for upscale women

Like buses, just as one high-profile magazine launch comes along, it is quickly followed by another.


Last week, Media Week revealed that IPC is launching a cookery title called Dinner Tonight to take on rivals such as BBC Magazines and H Bauer. This week, we unveil details of ShortList Media’s much-anticipated foray into the weekly women’s magazine market, with Stylist.

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What we’ve learned from Matthew Robson

By now I’m sure you’ve read the much-hyped analyst note written by 15-year-old intern Matthew Robson, published by Morgan Stanley. It indeed makes for fascinating reading, but what surprised me is that this sort of thing isn’t seen more often.

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Stephen Fry & Piracy – iTunes Festival – The Roundhouse


Stephen Fry shouldn’t worry about his little chat to a youthful throng at the iTunes Festival last night in Camden’s Roundhouse.


He was talking about piracy (ripping off entertainment type stuff illegally and without paying for it and not the ship stealing, “shiver me timbers” kind) to well over a thousand scallywags who’d garnered free tickets from those generous folks at Apple to see some bands later on that evening.

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