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To Bing….? The Big Question!

One of the best bits of feedback I’ve ever had as a Microsoft employee was an email from a US super-affiliate – and I mean SUPER-affiliate – after adCenter and Microsoft in general were being discussed in unfavourable and fruity language on his blog.

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Sky Media’s MTV ad sales deal is a sign of the times

It has been noted in these pages several times that everyone is talking to everyone in this distressed economic climate. No deal or partnership, no matter how unlikely, is off the agenda – especially in TV ad sales.

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Win a £5k Search Audit with Reform Digital

Just fill out this survey if you’re a UK Advertiser the chance of a digital makeover.

Thanks for the heads up from the wonderful Amanda Davie who, I’m sure, will answer a few questions on the findings when the data has been put through the mangle!

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Sunday Paper Pick ‘n’ Mix

I spend around 15 minutes every month down at the recycling bins in Sainsbury’s car park in Richmond.

It’s be a lot less frequent if I wasn’t throwing away a load of the Sunday Times I don’t read.

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Murdoch tries to do a Sky with his online charging

There must have been some groans at
Wapping in May when Rupert Murdoch pronounced that his newspapers would
be charging for online content within a year.

Whether that was the News
Corporation chairman’s plan or not, Alex Ferguson at Manchester United
and Tony Blair at Number 10 have shown that revealing self-imposed
deadlines in public can make you a hostage to fortune and is invariably

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An Outside perspective

When I worked in telly, we’d sometimes take a programme director along to one of our regular meetings with media agencies. Although they never drilled down into the details of the media owner/agency relationship they brought with them outside thinking and a fresh opportunity for agencies to get excited about the business and the industry in general.

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Video Interview – Ben Chapman – BBC Radio 1 – Social Media

More social media insight! This time from Ben Chapman who heads up interactive for BBC Radio 1.

In this 12 minute interview he serves up how they use digital to enhance radio for their 11 million weekly listeners.

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Pizza Hut App Generates $1 million ++ in Sales

If you’re one of those marketers who think this iPhone Apps trend is all very well, but in your heart of hearts a little well…. overhyped, you’re not going to like this story very much as you’re going to have to rethink your world view. Because Pizza Hut’s recent iPhone App has already generated more than $1 million worth of food sales, as well as winning hundreds of thousands of branding points in the form of downloads and free TV exposure.

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Awards ceremony whets appetite for next year already

The Media Week Awards night, which took place at a glitzy ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Mayfair last Thursday, sometimes begs as many questions as answers.

Will the comedian make himself heard above the raucous crowd? Answer: Frankie Boyle kept the room under control for 15 minutes – no mean feat as several entertainers from previous ceremonies and your humble correspondent can testify.

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Twitter Free Zone Please – Just Occasionally!

I met an Oscar winner last night. Estelle Parsons, who won best supporting actress in Bonnie and Clyde, was performing in August – Osage County at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle and I was lucky enough to get back stage and shake her hand.

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