Do You Take The Laptop on Holiday?

I’ve just got back from 2 weeks in Vietnam. Thoroughly recommend the place. Gorgeous scenery, lovely beaches in Phu Quoc Island, very friendly people and, at 50p a pint, it’s cheap once you’re there.

We kind of slummed it in backpacker hotels and bungalows. It was the 1st time for me doing that in 20 years. Back then I remember having to take a motorbike ride to another beach on Koh Samui in Thailand to make an international phone call.

Now all these cheap hotels have wi-fi, and I was stunned to see so many blokes opening their laptops and working on the beach.

To me a holiday is a holiday. I didn’t Tweet once in 2 weeks, checking Hotmail and Facebook only to see if we’d been contacted by airlines or some of the hotels we’d booked.

My marriage would be very strained if I’d spent any time online other than that. I spend too much time on the web as it is, thus my being amazed that some people just can’t leave their work at home for a week or so and properly recharge their batteries.

Sure they may have been looking at other stuff and not working, but still, even though I work in this industry I totally see the value in taking my eyes of the 17 incher now and again to chill.

I think there’s definitely a psychological factor at play here. I went on holiday to the Caribbean a couple of years ago for the cricket world cup. They guy I travelled with couldn’t keep his eye off his Blackberry. He was so concerned that someone at work would make a decision while he was away that could undermine him, he just couldn’t relax.

The immediacy of the internet and sheer volume of news, content and interaction does mean some people are simply addicted and can’t down theirtools.

For me, I have to take those 4 weeks away from the web as I’m not sure my insurance covers the wife taking a baseball bat to my Windows Phone!


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  • Gareth Rees

    Are you sure he wasn’t just check the live score updates for the cricket? I like to remain plugged in whilst away, but it’s exclusively for personal purposes usually related to the trip itself – checking local restaurant reviews, downloading piste maps, that sort of thing. A holiday is still a holiday and the work email remains strictly non-synced!

  • Mel Carson

    Was definitely for work – I nearly threw it onto the pitch!