ITV, Rob Green, Beckham’s Face & Social Media

Well what a weekend!

I get a duck playing cricket, we lose the game because our skipper drops two sitters in the final over when we need one wicket to win, and then Rob Green gives my (American) wife a reason to gloat for the next 4 years!

Not getting into the blame game here, but ITV’s shocker of having an ad on the HD feed when Gerard scored won’t do much to ingratiate/integrate advertising with consumers as we move more and more to a totally digital age.

Pretty sure if you stopped 100 people in Oxford Street today what they think of TV advertising, this little episode will get some negative airing.

And what of the advertiser? Hyundai I believe. What kind of perception of that brand is now imprinted in the minds of those who saw it? Fi Glover (I think it was) on Radio 5 Live yesterday said that maybe all publicity is good publicity, but I’m not so sure.

Suffice to say, we have to be really careful how we execute ad campaigns in such fast moving and highly emotional arenas.

In-game advertising – as in computer games – is a growing industry, but those companies that provide the ads have a mantra to “invite & don’t interrupt.”

Now it’s a slightly different channel to TV……or is it?

Twitter was alight with talk of “Beckham’s face” after the game. A shot of his reaction to Rob Green’s (sp)oil spill was captured and sent spinning around the world.

One chap had the resourcefulness to set up a page on Facebook to generate some discussion – in 36 hours it’s got over 140K fans!

Not something to fumble at.

This one’s set to roll and roll….

  • Paul Fox