“We’d never give up print” says Bay Guardian founder

Good piece in the New York Times on the struggle for survival of that particular kind of American newspaper – the alternative weekly newspaper, and in this case the San Francisco Bay Guardian, which recently won a six year legal battle with rival SF Weekly.

Founded by Bruce Brugmann 44-years ago, the San Francisco Bay Guardian has just won a six year legal battle with rival Village Voice Media-owned rival SF Weekly. The SF Weekly now owes the Bay Guardian $22m after being found guilty by a court of anti-competitive conduct for selling advertising at below cost as part of a campaign to drive its rival out of business.

Asked by the NY Times if there was a future for alt weeklies, like the Bay Guardian, which brings together a mix of liberal politics (this week’s cover story: “DRUGS ISSUE: California could legalize pot this fall…”) , entertainment and listings, Brugmann who has seen his paper’s pagination shrink in recent years, says: “We’d never give up print — I’m a newspaper guy. We’re a valuable resource, kind of irreplaceable.”

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