WikiLeaks works with media to release massive cache of US Iraq war docs

Wikileaks is working with London-based journalism nonprofit the Bureau of Investigative Journalism to release a massive cache of classified US military field reports related to the Iraq War. Iain Overton, according to a post on Newsweek’s Declassified blog.

The blog post says that as with the damaging Afghanistan documents Wikileaks released to The New York Times and The Guardian it is working with  a number of media organisations.

This is said to include major television networks and one or more American media outlets, which will release the Iraq documents on the same day. The publication date is said to be several weeks from now.

Unlike the Afghan documents, which saw Wikileaks accused of putting lives in danger, Iain Overton, editor of The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, said that lessons had been learnt from that experience and it was unlikely that documents would be posted in their raw form: “We are hugely aware that this is an issue, and we’re taking it very seriously.”