Californication gets a taste of cross media promotion Desmond style

I love Californication it is a gem of a show hidden away on the late night depths of channel Five. Catching up with the lastest episode last night I noticed that it had acquired a news sponsor in the Daily Star on Sunday.

It’s a newspaper brand that has zero brand synergy with the programme in question, which stars David Duchovny as the troubled writer Hank Moody following a move to the sunshine of the West Coast. He has writers block, a few issues with drugs and women, but overriding it all is his love for long time partner Natascha McElhone who plays Karen. It’s great, sharply written, with an excellent supporting cast.

It has dipped a bit in the third series (way too much screen time for Evan Handler’s character Charlie Runkle), but it still generally rocks along and the fourth season of the Showtime drama/comedy is one the way.

What does the Daily Star have in common with any of this? Nothing other than Five and the Daily Star are both now owned by Richard Desmond and it is a way to randomly using up unsold air time inventory. But really is that a good idea?

I imagine you could count viewers of Californication who buy the Daily Star on Sunday on one hand.