Another disastrous Kay Burley interview [Video]

Courtesy of Political Scrapbook this wonderfully entertaining interview that Sky News presenter Kay Burley conducted at the Tory Party conference. Its amusing for all the wrong reasons.

First, Burley talks down and condescends to the 97 year old activist Harry Beckough, who was praised by David Cameron in his speech yesterday, before going on to struggle with his name, his date of birth and confuse well known Labour wartime politician Stafford Cripps with a British Army regiment (the Staffords).  Easily done.

It really is a genius performance and adds to the widening Burley ouvre that we saw during the election and revisited recently when Labour’s Chris Bryant MP called her “dim” and a “liar” as the two clashed in a live TV interview. Enjoy.

  • Mr. Clunge

    BMW owns Rolls Royce, so they knew EXACTLY what they were doing. Likewise the Mini Cooper in the opening ceremony….

  • Dunstan Bentley

    Lighting touchpaper here, but isn’t that a form of piracy. You are taking someone else’s content and then are broadcasting this to the world (and not your smaller audience of personal friends or followers on Facebook or Twitter per se)  It doesn’t matter where it is filmed (In the stadium, on your balcony etc) you are still broadcasting someone else’s content – and they have the right to ask it to be removed if spotted. Take the video by all means for your own personal memory jogger and/or share with friends, but don’t then moan that the rights holder has asked for it to be removed when you put it up on You Tube, which is a broadcast medium.
    I’m with LOCOG and indeed any other rights holder on this, unless of course you paid for the right to broadcast that content. Which I assume you didn’t…

  • Ivan Clark

    Thanks Mr.Clunge, I should have known that, Eeyore. I have mentioned in another blog 
    Dunstan, no touchpaper lighting, that is your view and LOCOG’s. As I don’t benefit commercially or disadvantage the official sponsors, I don’t see it that way. I also prefer to not white-label the headline. Thanks for your comments

  • Mark Barber

    My experience is that Confirmation Bias works in the opposite way with regard to media decision making.  For evidence, look at the strength of traditional broadcast media (radio & TV) in terms of share of consumer time (from IPA Touchpoints) then compare to their share of ad revenue. Now make the same comparison for online!
    I think this is because the people that make day-to-day channel decisions within media agencies and advertisers tend to be younger, urban, technophiles, whose job demands them to be knowledgeable about the latest media technology and how it relates to advertising. This focus on the new and shiny means that they are more instinctively predisposed towards online media over ‘traditional’ channels.
    In my view, the findings of IPA’s “Long and the Short of It” study is helpful in challenging confirmation bias in either direction and should be common knowledge amongst agency planners.

    • Axel Lariat

      Intelligent comment Mark, I agree wholeheartedly. Of course the internet has opened up a world of marketing opportunities that weren’t previously available to us. And it is very trackable / accountable, I believe this is why media agency people like to push it to clients. A good press or TV ad may not be electronically tagged but ignore their huge impact and emotional resonance at your peril.