How Amscreen’s WHSmith Travel network is activating a whole new commuting audience

The big WHSmith store at Victoria station is right in the middle of the station. If I’ve got time to kill before the train – or, more likely, I’ve just missed the one I was aiming for so am aimlessly awaiting the next – I will often head in there to have a look round. Having just conducted a swift straw poll in the office, I realise I’m not alone in finding my time in store full of irresistible temptation at every turn. Sweets, crisps, drinks, magazines, books, and various other goodies added to the need to fill up dead time and a late afternoon post work energy slump conspire to draw me towards a purchase I had no intention of making as I dashed for the 6.58.

So, Amscreen’s WHSmith Travel network is a bit of a dream come true for convenience advertisers who now have a straightforward route to this new commuting audience for their product. What’s more, it’s an advertising format that is proven to drive product sales – Amscreen’s forecourt network has seen consistently good test and control EPOS results on advertised product, and since the mindset of the commuting WHSmith Travel audience is so similar to that of forecourt network viewers, also commuters, we can confidently expect the same positive effect on sales. Screens are located at high traffic, high footfall places within the stores, prompting product purchase at every stage of a consumer’s journey.

This network, it seems, adds a new and genuinely exciting dimension to two very particular communication opportunities.

Number one, the network is an ideal complement to existing commuter campaigns that run on other media in railway stations and airports. The screens enable advertisers to bring their message to the point of sale, providing a final prompt to purchase for a high value audience, in-store and intending to buy.

And secondly, it opens up an additional audience for a CTN campaign. It reaches an impulse-purchasing audience in a new sector for this market – travel locations – driving further awareness and product sales growth.

Research from Amscreen’s forecourt network has shown that the screens are compelling, eye-catching and lead to their audience acting on prompts received through them. The WHSmith Travel network brings this effectiveness into another environment and enables advertisers to capture a valuable additional audience