Student journalists out in force to cover protests #demo2010

Student media teams from many British universities went out of their way yesterday to cover the second wave of student protests against a proposed hike in tuition fees. Ones to Watch presents some of the best.

The Cambridge Student gives a blow-by-blow account in words and pictures of today’s protests in Cambridge:

300 protesters occupied Senate House lawn for an hour and a half today, as students marched and staged sit-ins across the country. The sit-in saw the arrest of two protesters for obstruction, and a series of minor scuffles with the police… Full story here.

While student publications The Boar (Warwick), Forge Press (Sheffield) and The Founder (Royal Holloway) report on occupations of their university buildings. Matt Burgess writes for Forge Press:

A group of 60 protesters have begun a sit in inside a University building after attending a protest in the town centre.
In a statement issued by the protestors they said they were holding a peaceful and non-violent protest…. Full story here.

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