Daily Mail uses cartoon to compare gay couple to Nazis

Is the Daily Mail on a mission to remind people just how nasty, right wing and homophobic it can at times be? I’m just asking. Apparently to demonstrate that such winning ideas aren’t ones offs or blips, as with say the 2009 social media-led backlash against columnist Jan Moir’s article on Stephen Gately, and that it can do such things on a regular basis it has today published a cartoon.

The cartoon complete with a swastika (the character on the left on his arm) is in response to the story about the Gay couple (Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy) winning their discrimination case against Christian hoteliers.

The odd thing is trying to work out what it is trying to say. Gay couple’s are like Nazis…who knows. A new low? Just another low in a long stream of lows? If someone could let me know, I’d appreciated it.