MTV plans UK version of Jersey Shore – welcome to Geordie Shore

I thought this was a joke, but no I have just been on the MTV website and it is true. MTV is to make a version of its headline grabbing car crash reality show ‘Jersey Shore’ in the UK called ‘Geordie Shore’, which will be shot in Newcastle home to girls who wear very little in terms of clothing even in the depths of winter.

MTV says it has been busy scouring Newcastle for “the toon’s finest lads and lasses to star in the new series” which is currently in development by ‘Holly Oaks’ producer Lime Pictures.

According to a Facebook page it is looking for good looking people aged between 18 – 27 who are proud of their Geordie roots and “love to party and go out all the time”. Got it?

Clearly MTV has gone for Geordie land as ITV beat it to the punch with Essex. ITV2 has its own reality show called ‘The Only way is Essex’.

Anyway, the show is coming to MTV this spring. Hold onto your seat. As the MTV page says…stayed tooned.