The lights are going out at FHM as editor goes

An email has come our way from a well placed source regarding the slow demise of once dominant men’s mag FHM.

The email below arrives on the day we hear that the magazine has parted company with editor, Colin Kennedy, who has resigned after less than two years.

Our Bauer insider emails: “They’ve got no editor, deputy editor, fashion editor, website editor or deputy production editor now and their full time production editor is away working on Gazetta. And this man (with these opinions) is currently in charge. Would the last person at FHM please switch the lights off… Good stuff!”

Sounds like desperate stuff. Not unlike the magazine’s circulation troubles. FHM has felt the brunt of the declining interest in monthly lad’s magazines and the title suffered had an 18.1% fall in circulation year on year to 192,586, according to the most recent ABC results published in August.

Even more so look who is now in charge? None other than veteran FHM editor Ed Needham who, as we reported in December, has been called in to redesign Bauer’s flagship men’s title and broaden its appeal.

Needham is a funny choice. Not because he doesn’t lack experience, but because in his own words he has declared the whole men’s mag party is over and, dear readers, it is time to move along and go home (or read something else instead). He wrote a long column in the Guardian saying that the internet and trashy weeklies had destroyed men’s monthlies and that the glory days were gone.

“So I got out. I’m also the parent of a two-year-old girl, and while I’ve never been ashamed of the pictures for which I’ve been responsible, the “have a good time, all the time” attitude of men’s magazines now seems like a message from a different frequency. But essentially my decision is a selfish one: I’ve taken the ride up, and it was tremendous, thanks, but I think I’ll give the ride down the other side a miss,” Needham wrote.

Over, but not quite over for him. Well, if he can do anything for FHM we will find out next month when the latest ABCs are released. Will Needham have been able to find anything (sans staff) as he tiptoes around the empty cans and broken glasses? I doubt it somehow. He was right first time around.