From cuts to C****, Paxman follows Naughtie and Marr with c-word gaff [video]

What is it with the c-word and BBC presenters at the moment? They can not seem to help themselves. Jeremy Paxman has become the latest BBC presenter to mistakenly utter the C-word.

On BBC Newsnight last night during a feature on UK Uncut, Paxman said: “Some of the people who ought to be paying taxes so the cunts, cuts aren’t so bad aren’t actually doing so”. From cuts to c****? Apparently so.  See for yourself.

Paxman’s use of the word follows the an even more entertaining utterance byToday programme presenter James Naughtie. Naughtie came out with it  while introducing Jeremy Hunt.

Not wanting to leave anyone out he is the third entrant in our recent C**** compilation it would be wrong to leave out fellow Today programme presenter Andrew Marr who followed Naughtie. Marr uttered it as they were discussing Naughtie’s earlier “Freudian slip”. Surely that’s once as

Dr Mike Page, a reader in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, told This Is London that the use mistaken use of the word “was a classic Spoonerism”. That’s the verbal blunder named after the Reverend William Archibald Spooner — who was renowned for such slips while warden of New College, Oxford, in the early part of the last century.

Dr Page said: “Studies show that where two words share the same vowel sound this will promote the exchange of the preceding consonant … like saying queer old dean’ instead of dear old queen’.

“In this case it is the U’ in both Hunt and Culture that is to blame. Naughtie would probably have gone on the say Hulture Secretary’ but he stopped in horror.”