Metropolitan Police under fire over News of the World contacts

Politics Home has a good story that spells trouble for the Metropolitan Police regarding its rather too cosy relationship with the News of the World.

The Met had previously been accused of failing to properly investigate the phone hacking scandal, which has been reopened following fresh evidence coming to light including News International finding apparently ‘lost’ emails.

The story says that the Metropolitan Police Authority has been handed a list detailing meetings between senior police officers – these included Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson – and senior executives at the News of the World.

“Of course, it’s perfectly normal that top cops and newspaper editors and execs meet up for dinners now and again.

“But with the Met inquiry into phone hacking ongoing during some of this period, it’s causing a poltical row,” Politics Home says.

It follows the Met identifying a number of new phone hacking victims including former deputy prime minister Lord Prescott. In a statement issued last week a Metropolitan Police spokesman said that having begun an analysis of the documents seized in 2005 alongside the new evidence, the team working on the case have been able to make some links not previously identified. Shocker.

“As a result, the team have also identified some individuals who were previously advised that there was little or no information held by the Met relating to them within the case papers and exhibits and this is now being reviewed.

“At this stage, there is no evidence to suggest that their voice mails were hacked but this will be an important and immediate new line of inquiry. As a result detectives are taking urgent steps to advise them of this development at the earliest opportunity.”

The Met was heavily criticised criticism over its handling of the original case, which led only to the conviction of the News of the World’s royal editor Clive Goodman and private investigator Glenn Mulcaire in January 2007.

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  • al fern

    Again we must ask, who is in charge of the Met and why aren’t they brought to book – they fail to investigate criminal behaviour by the rich, kill passers by at rallies, break human right law. Will the perpetrators – or those thought to be such – be the first to go in the cuts?

  • toffer99

    Where’s Boris in all this? Isn’t he supposed to have some sort of connection, however tenuous, with the Met. Got anything to add, Boris?