Daily Archives: November 14, 2011

Could Daily Mail change ad model?


The news that A&N Media, publisher of the Daily Mail, has undertaken a six-review of its operations by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) on the face of it will surprise few in the industry.

Executives at national newspapers (and TV companies for that matter) have become well-acquainted with sleek BCG executive these past few years. Read more on Could Daily Mail change ad model?…

In or out – the most important media segmentation

There does appear to be a strong relationship between television and outdoor; when used together, they seem to aid advertising effectiveness, by working in a highly complementary way. Certainly, the IPA Databank suggests they work well together, and well over half of the prize winning case studies feature TV as a lead medium and outdoor as a significant support channel. The fact that one dominates our time in the home and the other is eponymous with the time we spend out of home suggests to me that the most basic media segmentation, and the one that is perhaps most relevant to the media consumer, is in or out; whether we are sitting in the relative calm and comfort of our own living rooms, or we are out and about in the big, wide world, getting on with our lives and managing to cut a path through all of the noise and distractions.