Decisions, decisions. Why shouldn’t we have the same choices in our online advertising as we do in other areas of our lives?

My wife is actually an excellent shopper – quick, to the point and she rarely involves me. Of course, this is shopping from my perspective only. Doubtless she shares the same viewpoint, plus I know plenty of men who are more than happy to devote an entire afternoon to shopping with their partner.

The key thing is that individually we have a choice, and having a choice is important to our well-being, and our state of mind. Nobody likes being backed into the corner – having a choice and exercising it encourages us to feel like we have some control – and are in charge.

And yet, when it comes to the advertising messages we receive we rarely get a choice. I can’t control the billboard staring at me from across the traffic lights, nor the watch ad in my monthly magazine (I know, I need to get with the times, it’s still the paper version!) and I definitely don’t get a choice over which TV ad I see. In fact, when there is one I actively want to see, (the festive Coca Cola ad is eagerly being awaited in my household) it rarely turns up.

That’s why we at VINDICO are delighted to be working with Vivaki in their UK lane of its influential Pool research – Vivaki’s ongoing media research initiative in which publishers, marketers, research partners, technology firms and agencies all collaborate to find tomorrow’s most optimal and engaging ad models.

With campaigns running across MSN, Channel4 and YouTube, we are providing the opportunity for users to select which video ad they would like to watch before their content. With the option of O2, Samsung or Fosters you are actually getting a choice!

Now I know it won’t be to everybody’s taste – if you aren’t in market for a new phone, new TV or a beer then the choice is irrelevant. Maybe you want to watch your ad after the break, or maybe you are also waiting for the Coca Cola Christmas ad…but this is a great first step to building out more choice around the way people consume advertising content.

Look out for the results from Vivaki, in the meantime I’m off to hand over my shopping list and wallet to the wife.

  • Danny Peace