Bauer Media – The Value of Talk III – Women’s conversations are like their handbags

This post is provided by our partner Bauer Media – reaching more than 19 million adults with its influential brands. Insight Three: Women’s conversations are like their handbags…often cherished with endless content and they take them wherever they go. Karen Stacey, Head of Broadcast and Bauer Access at Bauer Media, explores the third of five key insights from the recently commissioned ‘Value of Talk’ study into women’s conversations.

Conversation, like other aspects in our everyday lives has had to evolve in order to fit with the pressures of modern living. Although most of us can’t deny we love nothing better than a good face-to-face gossip with our friends, we are in fact spending less time indulging in these long conversations in exchange for what the research describes as ‘snack talks’.

Just as we would grab a sandwich on the go in a bid to rid that annoying tummy rumble on the way to a meeting, we are increasingly participating in bite-sized conversations to fulfil our need and desire for conversation when time is constricting.

Technological advancements such as BBM, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, MSN, SMS, email – the list is endless – play a huge role in enabling us to always be in the loop.

The research suggests that whilst we used to fear missing out on that girly lunch or party, social networks and instant messaging allows us to ensure we are part of every conversation even when we are not around – even including the information we may not have been aware of if we did attend. This provides a sense of belonging and togetherness even in the absence of structured communities.

Why Value of Talk is important to Bauer Access and our advertisers

Bauer Access, our bespoke cross-platform offering for commercial partners, has recently reached its first birthday, and this new research underlines the unique opportunities that brands, advertisers and agencies have to engage directly with our editorial products.

We are in open conversations with advertisers about coming in for special one-on-one workshops with the editorial teams behind the brands involved in this research – Grazia, more!, Closer and heat.

Our journalists working on these magazines live and breathe the editorial products 24-7, engaging not only through the print magazines but through all avenues of social media too. Their dialogue with British women is on-going, personal and in-depth. Much of this rich insight into how women have conversations has directly fed into and lead to the findings of the Value of Talk research.

Bauer Access is taking this insight one step further for a few select brands over the coming weeks to discuss and work out new exciting ways for brands to participate in conversation with British women. If this is something that you would like to take part in on behalf of one of the brands that you represent please do not hesitate to contact me at the end of this blog.

In summary, there are three key questions that any brand looking to engage with British women should be asking. These are:

1. Are your media choices striking the right balance between regular and instant needs to talk?

2. Are you currently part of these small conversations?

3. How do you add value to a conversation if everything has been debated already?

If you do not know the answer to these questions, you know who to call!

Karen Stacey, Head of Broadcast and Bauer Access at Bauer Media

  • Polly Becker

    Snack talk is a great way of summing up how we as women now talk to each other. I think there is also a  kind of extended conversation that takes place. It might start face to face or it might start via a text, but one bleeds into the other. As conversations cross face to face and digital. We are often having long conversations, but they are broken up across different environments.