Niche mag titles the future for publishers

If you like nothing better than a day out in the country, perhaps trying to spot a rare albino sparrow or visting  a craft fair then you’ve lucked out: pubilshers Hubert Media and Bauer Media are launching bi-monthly  competing country/nature titles (LandLove and LandScape)  at a time when magazine launches are about as rare as albino sparrows.

The two titles are being marketed as “havens from the pressures of modern living” but priced at £3.85 and £3.90 they carrry modern living cover prices.

These type of specialist titles (LandScape is expecting a print run of 170,000) appear to be the future for consumer magazines, as the days of  publishers launching mass-market titles  supported by big-budget marketing campaigns are the stuff of history.

If one takes a look at recent magazine launches, such as Hearst Rodale’s Women’s Health and IPC’s Style at Home, it appears publishers  see the future of printed magazines through the lens of niche launches into newish areas or unambitious me-too products.

While I’m sure LandScape and Landlove will be very well received by their chosen readers, for the country-loving uninitiated they are not the sexiest of titles. And, moreover, for a journalist they didn’t get the heart racing.