Newspapers hope to enjoy Indian summer

Just what magnitude of editorial resource are national newspapers designating to the Olympics?

The question is an interesting one, as there is a school of thought that Twitter will be the de facto news feed during the Olympics, gazumping all the hard work undertaken by national newspapers.


This may be partly true and national newspapers are likely to lose out on the breaking news of Olympic winners and also-rans to Twitter, despite strict Olympics rules on the use of social media during the games.

Whisper it quietly, but could national newspapers fail even to witness a spike in circulation during the Olympics?

Doubtful. But where national newspapers will hope to win out will be in the quality of their writing and their in-depth reporting.And they will certainly hope so, as by the sounds of it, they have been invested heavily in the Olympics.

For instance, TMG – publisher of The Daily Telegraph – is hoping to publish on average 40 pages a day on the Olympics during the fortnight.Yes, that’s right 40 pages every day, so presumably the public will be getting many column inches on the early rounds of Greco-Roman wrestling interspersed with misty-eyed columns from Steve Redgrave on what it is like to breast the tape first.

TMG is hoping to rule the roost and has been preparing years in advance, recruiting heavy hitting Australian journalist Jacqueline Magnay to lead its coverage.

Other newspapers are similarly sharpening their pencils, producing countless supplements, and sending flocks of journalists to the games.

For instance, the London Evening Standard and the two Independent titles have 30 accreditations for writers and photographers to cover the Olympics.

On the commercial front, the London Evening Standard is auctioning off premium advertising slots – the first for a major newspaper – and is planning to up its print run by 150,000 to 850,000 copies.

Other national titles have run Olympic-associated campaigns and all will be expecting a bounce in ad sales.

So, like our Olympians, let us hope that national newspapers flourish during the Olympics.