Facebook dominates online global conversation about marketing and advertising

As the great and the good gather for the ninth annual Media360 Conference today, joint research by PR consultancy Braben and business intelligence company Polecat using its virtual analyst software MeaningMine shows over 35,000 articles on marketing and advertising around the world have been published online so far in 2012.

That averages out to over 8,300 articles every month and nearly 300 every day. Such a large amount of discussion just goes to show how the media business is never far from the headlines on a minute by minute basis. The MeaningMine platform crunches through 1.5m online and social media postings every day to track this in real-time.

86% of the world’s online conversation about marketing and advertising originates from the United States, showing just how important the country is as an engine room for online buzz about media businesses.

Facebook is by far and away the most talked about company online this year with 10% of all articles referencing the business, that’s approximately 3,780 conversations and counting as the $104bn company edges closer to its stock exchange debut.

Google, Microsoft and AOL (along with Facebook) make up the top four most talked about media technology brands online. Looking at conversation topics, social media features over 10,000 times with mobile the second most popular topic. Television ranks third with over 8,000 articles.

Today the business of media is inextricably intertwined with technology and digital at the heart. This research shows that the most successful businesses are riding this wave globally. UK media, advertising and technology businesses should consider how to tap into global online conversation and how they do this using online channels available.

By Richard Lambert, Account Director at Braben