Who won the online Olympics?

This was the greatest summer of sport. Twenty-twelve is, like 1966, a year that will live on in folk memory.

For one media organization, it was an astonishing performance. The BBC provided unparalleled coverage of the Olympics and reaped the reward. With 24 streams of live content from Olympic Park and beyond, the corporation gained a huge number of eyeballs.

The latest data published by comScore shows just how attractive all that content was. During the Olympic period the BBC increased its total monthly video views by 78% and its total monthly unique viewers by 53% (compared to January through June monthly averages).

The magnitude of the growth is highlighted by the fact that the overall UK video market did not increase uniques over the same period and only increased total video views by 12%.

The BBC also reports massive interest in its Olympic mobile services – with 12m requests for video content, often peaking as people travelled home from work. Without additional data it’s not clear what impact this had on the overall mobile video market but impressive nonetheless.

And when September figures are released, it may be time for another media owner to take its turn in the limelight. With the Paralympic rights won by Channel 4, September data should give us an indication of the success of its three online video streams.