Britain’s Creatives We Heart You

So if a client briefed you on a new campaign that needed to demonstrate how much they love coffee, love their customers, and brings their commitment to both coffee and customer care to life, how many of us would have thought “yeah, I know – nodding heads, buried in coffee beans, singing  a cover of a Kiss song”?

But those wonderful people at Karmarama think exactly like that.  T-G-F-T.  Because then we get ads like the “I was made for loving you” new Costa Creative.  I love it – great music, great engagement, great “stickiness”, and it makes me want to drink coffee (and I am a 12-cups-of-builder’s-tea -a-day-kind-of-girl).

And this is far from an isolated gem.  Take the new John Lewis ad.  Again likely briefed around a campaign to engender warmth and nostalgia whilst bringing to life the fact JL have been “Never knowingly undersold since 1925”.  And the team at adam&eveDDB create an epic love story, imagined across the years, with a great romantic soundtrack, re-working, (my favourite), INXS tune by Paloma Faith.

We know from analysing learnings from the many ads we have researched, that Creative is King.  There is a tremendous range in advertising recall after 1,000 cumulative GRPs of exposure – the Creative accounts for around three quarters of variance in explaining differences in recall levels.

The impact/memorability of Creative varies enormously, however ads that lack this rarely respond to increased media support…creative  is the greatest leverage a brand has for running a successful campaign.

And that is why we believe that Nurturing Great Creative is a fundamental principle for an ad research partner.

It starts as early as exploring and evaluating the a fundamental consumer insight.  Works it up to connect it with a remarkable brand benefit to forge the Big Idea.  And it then moves on to work with the Creative route to help tell the story in a most compelling way, wrapping it up in a quick and solid evaluation of the final Creative to assess that the media ROI level is in line with the company’s expectations.

So that’s why I heart you, our great Creatives, whose imaginings bring to life our favourite brands in new and wonderful ways.

Thanks for reading – I’m off to grab a coffee and a vintage hat.

Louise Brice is a Research Director at Ipsos ASI, the Advertising Research specialists.  Follow us @IpsosASIUK