oh what a night

On this side of the “pond” many of us (who didn’t have the stamina, or the access to hard alcohol that some of my colleagues did – you know who you are),  are waking up to the news that Barack Obama has been re-elected for “Four more years”.  And the President’s simple tweet of this message with a heart warming photo of him hugging Michelle has in the space of a few hours become the most re-tweeted Tweet – standing at over 500,000 tweets and rising.

Technology has changed the way we consume news in recent years, first with 24 hrs news channels and more latterly with social media like Twitter and YouTube.

Established news channels are still key – Google Trends shows the hot searches taking place yesterday, with Fox News looking to have been a popular term.

And second screen technologies mean we get to share the news and the party with like-minded people around the world in real time.  This speed of sharing is staggering – from President Obama’s Tweet to the latest viral on YouTube showing  a voting machine that doesn’t appear to work (with nearly 4.5mn views in 21 hrs).

And whilst I’ve been travelling to work this morning there have been thousands more RTs.  However, this message will have a way to go to match the staggering nearly 31 million views of the video of  President Obama “singing” Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call me Maybe” on YouTube.