A year in ad:tech

When I started at Videology, we were a small company. Sixteen people crammed into a shared office on Charlotte St. Hell, never mind making tea, I even had to make my own desk.
A year later and things have changed. There are now more than 40 of us and we take up a whole floor of Centrepoint. In early 2013 we’ll be moving and growing again, taking four floors of a new building in the regenerated hipster locale of Kings Cross (beating Google to the punch!).
Fortunately we can now justify getting the specialists in to assemble the desks and design the space but Videology remains at heart a small, entrepreneurial operation. We still do our own photocopying, book our own travel and we still know that everything we do has to make a difference. There remains an intimacy, an immediacy in the business that we continue to cultivate and nurture.
Growth in 2012 hasn’t just been in the UK and despite having a UK-focused role I’ve been travelling on average once a fortnight. A year ago we had offices in London, Baltimore and New York, today the network includes Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing, Milan, Madrid and Dublin.
We’ve been able to do all this because the video market is exploding. Online video is now growing faster than any other medium in recent years, including search. Look at the increase in investment and the attention it gets at agency level if you doubt me.
Videology has grown in an expanding market but even by the video market standards, our performance has been extraordinary.
One of the key benefits of our growth is the massively improved access we now get to see more media owners. Today we’re seeing CEOs and MDs, rather than having our story told through a process of Chinese whispers that inevitably cast us in a villainous light.
If there’s a downside to the success of Videology it’s that my speech has become peppered with Americanisms – this is, after all, a US company. I frequently find myself reaching out for some aircover while I light up some opportunities. As ever, my wife doesn’t understand me.
It can only get worse as we head towards Yanksgiving.