A response to Media Week’s The industry speaks: what will 2013 mean for media?

Mark Creighton’s comments to ‘The industry speaks: what will 2013 mean for media?’ (that this year media agencies should work more collaboratively with their media partners) is spot on. It’s a topic I find infinitely fascinating, coming as I do from my background as a media owner at ITV, and as I sit now in my current position at Getmemedia, where we help develop more widespread opportunities for  media owners, clients and their agencies to work together.

For agencies and their clients, it provides an immediately accessible network of thousands of activation opportunities that can be tailored to specific client requirements, from media owners from all disciplines and of all sizes. All media disciplines talk increasingly about how technology is future proofing their platforms and content but keeping up with exactly what is changing where and why and what options exist on a daily basis to connect, interact and communicate can be a daunting prospect in a world demanding greater levels of collaboration between agencies, rights holders and platform owners. For this reason, we work with all parties, facilitating the ability to search and connect opportunities on a daily basis.

What I’ve found particularly interesting is increasing evidence to suggest that agencies are now happy for media owners to talk directly to their clients, because the better a media owner understands fundamentals of a brand’s brief, the more effectively all involved can work together to pull it off. In this sense, we’re seeing agencies and media owners work closer and closer together in order to achieve a combined goal – which is to deliver the best solution for the client.

At Getmemedia we’re strong advocates of the fact that ad planning should involve all quarters. Media agencies have great ideas and they should be engaging directly with the creative agencies in order to communicate and develop them as well as being able to explore innovative ways to bring the campaigns to life for consumers.

Time and again we hear speculative talk about how clients might look to eventually cut out the agency middleman and go direct to media owners, but I really don’t feel that this going to happen. In 2013 and beyond what we’re actually likely to see, from those who are smart, is a much more collaborative approach between the three in order to get the very best creatively and from budgets.

Simon Orpin is joint managing director, Getmemedia.