It’s a multi, multi, multi world

In 2013 you are going to hear a lot about “multi”. In fact it’s going to be the year of multi cubed. A world in which consumers have multiple devices, use them in multiple locations and need to be reached via multiple advertising formats.
The reason why this has become important is that consumer behaviour has evolved. Consumers now expect instant gratification – be it content, services or advertising – all delivered to the screen of their choice.
Multi-cubed is the new consumer norm.
The ability to deliver in this multi world sits at the heart not just of what Videology does but has also been adopted by big name brands like Microsoft and HP.
The future of consumer electronics represents success for companies that can develop devices that offer seamless integration of content across their range. Apple already does this via iCloud and its competitors will have to follow suit.
Advertisers will need to develop their understanding of how consumers travel between these screens, what they look to each screen to deliver and what their emotional state is likely to be when they use it, and how this varies by location.
For technology platforms such as Videology, the challenge will be to take all this insight and provide the decisioning tools that will deliver the most compelling message, at the most appropriate time, to the correct geography, on the right device, whilst looking to understand where the consumer may be in their journey through the purchase funnel.
The one device that currently sits outside the multi-world is the TV. But as more and more TV is delivered over IP, the consumer norm of seamless consumption between screens will evolve to include this device as well.
By all accounts at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the exhibition stands are populated with devices that will only further enhance the multi-device world that is driving consumer adoption of this behaviour-state and the brand eco-systems that deliver on this new world.
In 2013, we’ll continue to work hard to enable our advertising clients to connect with real people, at the appropriate moments, via the right screen, using the most effective and efficient ad formats. It is, after all, what consumers now expect and it is an expectation that we can gratify.