Is Co-operation the Secret to Local TV Success?

Is it just me who is utterly perplexed by the deafening silence that followed the much-publicised letter to Jeremy Hunt, from prospective Local TV licence bidders opposing the government’s Muxco proposal? Why is so much emphasis being placed on the delivery mechanism when local TV should be about deriving revenue from the distribution of engaging, relevant content, not the technology or the platform?

Maybe we need an analogue solution to this digital conundrum. In 1950, 23 European broadcasters got together in a Torquay hotel and laid the foundations of what must be one of the first ever content sharing agreements. Thus the European Broadcasting Union was born – a self-regulating alliance with each member agreeing to provide minimum levels of “free” content and services to the collective – and nothing whatsoever to do with the EU. Using the “virtual” currency of Gold Francs to trade between themselves, membership costs and dividends were subject to a complex but irrefutably fair algorithm that was primarily based on the number of TV sets within each region – in modern day parlance, reach. Read more on Is Co-operation the Secret to Local TV Success?…

Local TV – Muxco, Measurement and Money

This week’s “Next Steps For Local Television” Westminster Forum conference proved quite an eye-opener for the uninitiated. With as many opinions as attendees, even agreement to disagree couldn’t be established.

With the main sessions split neatly into two hot topics – Technology and Content – the panelists and the audience divided pretty neatly into the Experts who “knew what they were doing” and the Passionistas who were “doing what they knew”, with not a great deal of common ground between them. The Experts quoted stats, creds and models (note that’s previously successful ones) whilst the Passionistas got straight to the touchy feely heart of what real Community TV might actually look like. Read more on Local TV – Muxco, Measurement and Money…

Local TV – To Be or Not To Be?

When Jeremy Hunt addressed the Royal Television Society last month, his “Boldness be My Friend” reference (to Shakespeare’s Cymbeline, not Pink Floyd’s Cymbaline, wouldn’t that have been awesome?) was a brave one.

In spite of the relentless cynicism, and much behind the scenes lobbying against the project, Hunt and his Department of Culture Media and Sport team are tirelessly pressing on with plans to shoehorn a TV offering into the local media ecosystem – this latest iteration being the most recent in a series of attempts by successive governments to introduce a hyper-local news service to select parts of the UK. Read more on Local TV – To Be or Not To Be?…

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