Louise Brice

Louise Brice is a Research Director at Ipsos MORI. All views are her own.

Stand United for the Super Bowl

Ipsos ASI Super Bowl blogIn a world of media divergence there are now few moments where audiences of all ages are United. This is in part why events like the Super Bowl have become increasingly iconic and relevant places for brands to talk to us one to many (rather than the one to one, many to many, or many to one that is now part of everyday brand communications).

And Super Bowl is arguably one of the grandest stages of them all, where Entertainment takes centre stage and for many there is more chat about what goes on in the breaks than the play itself.

So imagine you have 30 seconds to talk to America: how do you tell your brand story?  Do you entertain or inform? Challenge or reminisce?  Use a puppy or David Beckham? Read more on Stand United for the Super Bowl…

All I want for Christmas …

Being laid low by ‘flu isn’t much fun (note to self: have that flu jab yourself that you organise for everyone else).  But catching up on a restorative spell of daytime TV viewing and YouTube surfing means I’ve have enjoyed  a high frequency dose of Christmas advertising.

And there certainly is a bumper crop this year, with some definite themes.

The Down-to-Earth-Reality-TV-Style ad: Tesco have been running this style of ad throughout the year, and I’m sure everyone can remember at least one Christmas like those captured in their Christmas special (personal favourite 1993 curtains for hair);  Aldi have long captured perfectly the humour of the everyday situation, and Sainsbury’s have taken this style to the next level – with an hour long YouTube documentary.  This isn’t about selling you an aspirational, perfectly baked Mary Berry Christmas.  This is about keeping it real and relating to everyday family situations,  appreciating that it’s often the little things which make a difference to our lives – whether it’s getting friendly service at the till, or a great deal on your Christmas booze.   This reflects the need for brands to connect with everyday people and understand that when life is a struggle big budget ads potentially don’t play as well, as well as maybe reflecting the ongoing longevity of  reality TV.

Read more on All I want for Christmas ……

Hello Mum

Well done Wills and Kate – not only have they produced a healthy baby boy, but they’ve created another global summer London event to stir us out of our sunstroke,  whilst apparently also resurrecting the British economy and creating a £240mn windfall for our beleaguered retailers.

Read more on Hello Mum…

Brand Believers

Everyone has one.  A drawer of tech – old mobiles, chargers, battery chargers, old cameras, that newer tech has made redundant.

I cannot quite bear to turn mine out, they remind me of good times.

And my drawer is full of Nokia phones, as from the first phone I bought, up until my iPhone, Nokia was the only brand of phone I chose to buy.

I was reminded of my love for Nokia during a talk by a visiting speaker, Mark Selby, a Nokia alumni.  One of the best things about working at Ipsos MORI is the round of visiting speakers that come in and talk to us, a programme instigated a few years ago by Ben Page, our CEO and fortunately for us, one of the best connected people in our industry.  Mark spoke very engagingly about his experiences and how to build brands, loyalty and longevity.

Read more on Brand Believers…

Celebrity. Human after all.

Modalu Pippa Grab BagChances are that willingly or not, few of us will have managed to avoid “day 101” in the big brother celeb fest of “I’m a jungle-celebrity-strictly-dancing on ice” before and after Christmas.

But oh how we love it.  Just look at how popular the Daily Mail online is – the world’s most visited newspaper website, which features a heavy quota of celeb-related articles. Read more on Celebrity. Human after all….

Love it or Hate it…

Robbie Williams switches on the Marmite Oxford Street Lights

Copyright: PA Images Yui Mok/PA Wire

Marmite and Robbie Williams have quite a bit in common.  Marmite has traded on being “loved” or “hated” since (and the various ad agencies that have bought this to life over recent years have created many of my favourite ads of all times.

Now Robbie Williams hasn’t traded his image in quite the same way, but for many he is just as polarising. For every woman in her 30’s swooning / going into labour early at the thought of another comeback tour, there are others (Radio 1 now included apparently), who would rather he got on a plane back to LA and started looking at the sky again.

However, both of these mega brands were bought together last week to switch on the lights at Oxford Street, which this year Marmite has sponsored.

Read more on Love it or Hate it……

oh what a night

On this side of the “pond” many of us (who didn’t have the stamina, or the access to hard alcohol that some of my colleagues did – you know who you are),  are waking up to the news that Barack Obama has been re-elected for “Four more years”.  And the President’s simple tweet of this message with a heart warming photo of him hugging Michelle has in the space of a few hours become the most re-tweeted Tweet – standing at over 500,000 tweets and rising.

Read more on oh what a night…

Britain’s Creatives We Heart You

So if a client briefed you on a new campaign that needed to demonstrate how much they love coffee, love their customers, and brings their commitment to both coffee and customer care to life, how many of us would have thought “yeah, I know – nodding heads, buried in coffee beans, singing  a cover of a Kiss song”?

But those wonderful people at Karmarama think exactly like that.  T-G-F-T.  Because then we get ads like the “I was made for loving you” new Costa Creative.  I love it – great music, great engagement, great “stickiness”, and it makes me want to drink coffee (and I am a 12-cups-of-builder’s-tea -a-day-kind-of-girl). Read more on Britain’s Creatives We Heart You…

“Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”

Running PictureHow did that happen?  It’s Autumn again.  And, to quote Keats, there is a mellow fruitfulness in the air – the post-Olympics glow is still with us.

And mellow is a sentiment that probably describes the nation well at the moment – as we have sat on our sofas and, in record numbers, tuned in to the fantastic Olympic and Paralympic coverage.

And as we tuned in from couches and pubs across the land, the distance between track and couch has been getting shorter. Read more on “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”…

Get over your hangover, there’s another party coming to town

They are the Games that just keep on giving.

As we work our way through the post Olympics gloom, advertisers are doing their best to help us get over our collective national hangover, by reminding us of our favourite moments and our heroes of the Games.

BT aired a perfectly timed post-Olympics ad last Monday, featuring lots of Games footage, and capitalising on our Olympics euphoria at just the right moment, before any other ads had a chance.  This was potentially a gamble, but one that paid off, and avoided having to compete for attention during the Games themselves. Read more on Get over your hangover, there’s another party coming to town…