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Change hits a tipping point

US broadcasters and media traders are starting to realise that the traditional trading relationship between broadcaster and advertiser may need to change. Read more on Change hits a tipping point…

It’s a multi, multi, multi world

In 2013 you are going to hear a lot about “multi”. In fact it’s going to be the year of multi cubed. A world in which consumers have multiple devices, use them in multiple locations and need to be reached via multiple advertising formats. Read more on It’s a multi, multi, multi world…

A year in ad:tech

When I started at Videology, we were a small company. Sixteen people crammed into a shared office on Charlotte St. Hell, never mind making tea, I even had to make my own desk.
A year later and things have changed. There are now more than 40 of us and we take up a whole floor of Centrepoint. In early 2013 we’ll be moving and growing again, taking four floors of a new building in the regenerated hipster locale of Kings Cross (beating Google to the punch!). Read more on A year in ad:tech…

Legacy metrics diminish our business

It’s nearly a year since I wrote that traditional media metrics were stifling development and innovation in the media landscape.

In the last two weeks I’ve been on two industry panels to make the same case that patching up our analogue metrics isn’t the answer for a digital age.
And yet – despite the fact that everyone knows better measures exist or could exist – they still find defenders.

It is the elephant in the room that vested interests would rather not address:
If we had better data then we could deliver more effective and more efficient marketing. Read more on Legacy metrics diminish our business…

The tech: agency nexus

Technology is becoming more important to the way media agencies work, it’s transforming what is possible in terms of delivery and execution and as such it is also requiring them to develop wholly new skillsets to effectively avail of the opportunities that now exist.

Agencies can no longer confine technology to the IT department, as we enter the age of addressable advertising, it has to become the backbone of everything they do. Read more on The tech: agency nexus…

How much will BT spend?

Last week BT pulled off one of the more audacious sporting rights coups of recent years. Its successful premiership rights bid blindsided the marketing and media community who had largely assumed that the rights would go to the usual suspects.
But… and there’s always a but, securing the rights is just the first step in an incredibly expensive sporting adventure.
BT has agreed to pay £246m per season for 38 live matches. Excluding injury time, that boils down to nearly £72,000 per minute of live football.
Now, in addition to this chunky payment, they have to find the budget to establish a channel and all the cash-heavy infrastructure that accompanies such an endeavor.
This includes meeting all the legal and regulatory requirements to get a channel on air. Then they need cameras and camera operators, outside broadcast facilities, production and editing, high-profile hosts for their programme and super slick advertising sales teams.
Even assuming that BT can lease or piggy-back existing Sky/BBC resources, they’re still looking at multiple millions of additional pounds per year just to get the matches on-air.
With just 720,000 BT Vision subscribers, this is a confident power-play for BT – a bet that the broadcast landscape is on the cusp of transformation and a bet that BT can afford to wage on the back of a 42% increase of year-on-year profit to £2.4bn.

Read more on How much will BT spend?…

Instagram is just the start

If you were surpised by the fact that Facebook was willing to pay $1bn in cash and stock for Instagram then be warned: this is the just the start.

Despite everything that’s going on in the wider economy, all the indicators point to a digital economy klondike. This gold rush will be initiated and funded by the East and West Coast US, regions that appear to be effectively recession-proof for the foreseeable future. Read more on Instagram is just the start…

Apple – Masters of the Marketing Universe

Apple has mastered the art of getting massive global coverage for its new products even when it has little to announce.

Why all the fuss about social TV?

Social TV platforms don’t appear to contribute to the thing they need most – great TV

Video wins – dispatches from CES

I’ve just spent a week in Las Vegas – not gambling or watching the shows but contemplating the future of our industry.

This is my fourth year of attendance at the Consumer Electronics Show, and the overarching vision of our business presented this year, is that more so than ever, video remains at its heart. In 2012 all the attention was on TV. There were all manner of smart TVs on show, demonstrating IP connectivity, motion control and thinner than ever, but they were all still recognisably devices for watching video. Read more on Video wins – dispatches from CES…