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The magic of mobile

I wouldn’t have expected a simple family holiday to provide me with the topic for a blog post for Media Week but then again, nothing in this job surprises me these days. You’d be forgiven for thinking that there’s pretty much nothing you’d rather read about than a tale from the Hatch family holiday archives, and you’d usually be correct, but I’ll try and not go on for too long about the suntan, weather and food.

iPhone5 iOS7

Of course, we all know that it has been about mobile and apps for a good few years now, but if anyone wants a real snapshot of what the future will be like, they need look no further than Disney World in Florida.

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Which came first, the chainsaw or the egg?

I’ve just finished chairing the media category for this years WPP awards celebrating creating excellence, the WPPed Creams (can you see what we did there?).

In the five years since their inception the number of entries into the media category has grown four fold and the number of different types of agencies has doubled. Every type of agency wants to be seen as media leaders, it is after all where the action is. Read more on Which came first, the chainsaw or the egg?…

On TV tonight: The last taboo in targeting?

Grayson Perry in less 'formal' dress

Grayson Perry’s examination of British taste and class concludes tonight with…The Upper Classes
I don’t imagine C4 are expecting it to rival the football (and its programmes like this that 4OD was made for) but alongside 56 Up, this is turning into a vintage year for bold documentary television.

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The future of C4 and Facebook was on ITV this week

Neil Hughes from 56 Up

This week saw the latest instalment of The Up Series.  Originally commissioned by Granada television in 1965, Up is a documentary series that has followed the lives of 14 people from the age of 7, returning to each of them every seven years to see how they and their lives have changed (or not).

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I am not Brad Pitt

“That’s part of your problem: you haven’t seen enough movies. All of life’s riddles are answered in the movies.” Davis (Steve Martin, Grand Canyon, 1991)

Moneyball – a movie about data

Inspired by Sue Unerman’s cinematic references in her last blog I’ve another movie for your attention.

I’m not Brad Pitt, but neither am I Jonah Hill, at least I’m not as smart as he is in the baseball-based movie Moneyball.  It tells the story of Oakland Athletics’ 2002 season. A season where they changed the rules of baseball forever. It’s one of those movies about sport that isn’t about sport. It’s a movie about conviction, destiny, redemption, resistance and duty. It’s also a movie about data. Read more on I am not Brad Pitt…

The return of the Double D. Or why sex still sells…

maxfactorlipstickcolours 560

You don't need to be Freud to see the symbolism

He’s back! And this time with added ads.

After what seems like an eternity for fans , will only be a few weeks for him. The ‘Double D’ that is Mr Donald Draper is back on our screens (at least to those screens with access to Sky Atlantic).

The clothes, the women, the drinking, the smoking: all will be present and correct. And we know it will not end well , the opening credits of a man falling from grace, through excess, have made that clear from the start.

But the thrill of watching how this  man, who is so good at creating facades for products because the best façade he’s ever created is himself, acts and reacts as the quiet tick of the counter-culture clock shifts to a tolling bell is precisely what makes the show so captivating. Read more on The return of the Double D. Or why sex still sells……

Cooking with Gas Part 3 – New Year’s Resolutions

With the thought of mince pies and cake rapidly being replaced with the opportunities and commitments of the new year, I thought I’d share this piece by Strategist Charlie Wright on why the annual planning cycle or, to give it a seasonal edge, annual  new year resolutions aren’t the best way of achieving objectives.

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Cooking with Gas – The concept of non-goals

In keeping with the on-going cultural domination that is Scandinavia (Steig Larsson, The Killing, Wallander, Nordic Golden Square etc) a Swedish café called Nyborg has recently opened in North London’s  Muswell Hill. Weekend day rye bread open sandwiches, cinnamon buns, Saturday morning bacon rolls and a good line in coffee are all present and, understatedly, stylishly, correct.

Where Nyborg  differs is the breadth of its Sunday Lunch menu . This consists of: roast chicken for two with potatoes and a tomato salad.

And that’s it. A menu of just one dish. This is a certain kind of genius. Read more on Cooking with Gas – The concept of non-goals…

Cooking with Gas

Why, Cooking With Gas? Well the ambition for my posts here is to champion great media thinking and bring you interesting ideas, innovations, some borrowed wisdom from the past and anecdotes from the world of media, marketing advertising and…cooking. Well when I say cooking I mainly mean restaurants.

I’m not the first to say it, but there are big similarities between the cooking and the comms trade. It’s not just the competitiveness, but the heat, expensive kit and mix of sociable people working unsociable hours.  Both can also sometimes (when they get right) perform a kind of alchemy, taking base ingredients and turning them into something magical and transformative. Read more on Cooking with Gas…