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The impact of TV spend on search performance

Typically brands can see a 60 to 80 per cent jump in searches on brand terms during the entirety of a TV ad campaign, with a 40 to 60 per cent jump for generic searches.

How Amscreen’s WHSmith Travel network is activating a whole new commuting audience

The big WHSmith store at Victoria station is right in the middle of the station. If I’ve got time to kill before the train – or, more likely, I’ve just missed the one I was aiming for so am aimlessly awaiting the next – I will often head in there to have a look round. Having just conducted a swift straw poll in the office, I realise I’m not alone in finding my time in store full of irresistible temptation at every turn. Sweets, crisps, drinks, magazines, books, and various other goodies added to the need to fill up dead time and a late afternoon post work energy slump conspire to draw me towards a purchase I had no intention of making as I dashed for the 6.58. Read more on How Amscreen’s WHSmith Travel network is activating a whole new commuting audience…

Advertisers want consistent and easy to understand reporting

The raft of new technology innovations such as ad exchanges, ad networks and demand side platforms (DSPs), as well as in-house sales teams are all having a major impact on shaping the way we perceive the buying, selling, and reporting of advertising space.

There is one problem though. Among these changes, there is no consistency in the way in which the buying and selling of advertising space is reported, making it difficult to understand the true value and performance of the advertising space. Read more on Advertisers want consistent and easy to understand reporting…

Tweet up… it’s time to take action!

Sometimes its hard to get noticed as a customer. If you go into a shop & complain, you are usually directed to some pathetic excuse for a “senior manager” or even worse… a completely pointless complaint form to fill in, which you know gets thrown away the minute you walk out. You might even be lucky enough to get on the phone to a call centre in another country where the person at the end of the line can’t even help. How do brands expect to build trusting & meaningful relationships with their customers in this way? Read more on Tweet up… it’s time to take action!…

Google Instant: the marmite factor

Two weeks after its launch, it seems that Google Instant has the Marmite factor – you either love it or hate it. The Guardian’s Charlie Brooker described his experience as like being an unwitting test subject in a global experiment conducted by Google. But whether you’re a fan or not it’s still early days. And there are many – as yet unanswered – questions about the impact this will have for publishers and agencies alike.

The recipe for advertising awareness and activation

Kia on Amscreen's forecourt network

Right time, right place has never been more relevant for advertisers planning to strike a chord with their target markets. Consumers are becoming increasingly adept at phasing out unwanted communication if it doesn’t fit with their activity at the time of viewing, so advertisers increasingly plan their media strategy using the tightest targeting to reach the most engaged audience in the most cost-effective manner, tapping into whatever activity a consumer is involved in when they are exposed to a communication message. Read more on The recipe for advertising awareness and activation…

Out and about – is participatory culture stronger than ever?

The two young men in the seats in front of us said that this was their third evening this week, “What better way to spend a summer evening?” There were six thousand people jammed in all around us, like bees in a giant hive. Hundreds stood in the centre in a myriad of colourful shirts and dresses. Mobiles were off: the only thing in people’s hands was the programme. The only branding in the hall was in discreet gold lettering: “BBC Proms”. Read more on Out and about – is participatory culture stronger than ever?…

Smart Ideas: are marketers ready to join the apps gold rush?

Although many people are claiming that the smart phone “apps gold rush” is going to be the next big advertising channel are marketers really ready to take the plunge? Pete Davis takes a look.

PPA – McIIheney introduces “new era of communication”

A great event last night in the Charlotte Street Hotel saw some of the luminaries of consumer magazines court the biggest names in agency press planning and buying. Read more on PPA – McIIheney introduces “new era of communication”…

AA makes its move

The Advertising Association is planning a high profile event for October to galvanise the industry to better present ourselves and protect our image. Apparently, we are not as ill thought of as people might think.  Our tainted appearance not that shabby. Read more on AA makes its move…

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