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From Lincoln to Abbey Road – an outdoor media trip

Abbey Road TfL NoticeLast night, Daniel Day-Lewis deservedly won the Best Actor BAFTA for his portrayal of President Lincoln.  Indeed, 150 years ago this year, Lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg (“four score and seven years ago”) address during the American Civil War.  Closer to home, 1863 was also quite a year as two iconic English brands were born.  The Football Association laid out a set of rules, which were first followed in a match between Barnes and Richmond (0-0 draw) and the very first journey on the London Underground took place between Paddington and Farringdon.

For what is a truly remarkable feat of Victorian engineering, we moan about the Tube a lot.  We moan when they are late, on strike or when someone jumps in front of one.  We moan when people force their way on before you have a chance to get off.  We moan when people don’t move down the carriage to let people on or when the closing doors are squeezed open.  But we smile when we read one of those Poems on the Underground or when the driver has a sense of humour.  We feel good when the elderly or pregnant are offered a seat or an 80s pop star breaks into song.  We also marvel at the Harry Beck designed map that is so pleasing on the eye (personally, I’m more fascinated by the equivalent geographically accurate Tube map).

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Who won the online Olympics?

This was the greatest summer of sport. Twenty-twelve is, like 1966, a year that will live on in folk memory.

For one media organization, it was an astonishing performance. The BBC provided unparalleled coverage of the Olympics and reaped the reward. With 24 streams of live content from Olympic Park and beyond, the corporation gained a huge number of eyeballs. Read more on Who won the online Olympics?…

Age is just a number

Over 40s listening to the radioIn the week that I hit the age of 40, I have become a little bit more sensitive about numbers.  Is it about age or attitude nowadays?

I don’t know.  I therefore have sympathy with the BBC who are reminded by both the BBC Trust and commercial radio competitors that Radio 1 has an average audience age of 32 while its target market is 15-29 year olds.

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How much will BT spend?

Last week BT pulled off one of the more audacious sporting rights coups of recent years. Its successful premiership rights bid blindsided the marketing and media community who had largely assumed that the rights would go to the usual suspects.
But… and there’s always a but, securing the rights is just the first step in an incredibly expensive sporting adventure.
BT has agreed to pay £246m per season for 38 live matches. Excluding injury time, that boils down to nearly £72,000 per minute of live football.
Now, in addition to this chunky payment, they have to find the budget to establish a channel and all the cash-heavy infrastructure that accompanies such an endeavor.
This includes meeting all the legal and regulatory requirements to get a channel on air. Then they need cameras and camera operators, outside broadcast facilities, production and editing, high-profile hosts for their programme and super slick advertising sales teams.
Even assuming that BT can lease or piggy-back existing Sky/BBC resources, they’re still looking at multiple millions of additional pounds per year just to get the matches on-air.
With just 720,000 BT Vision subscribers, this is a confident power-play for BT – a bet that the broadcast landscape is on the cusp of transformation and a bet that BT can afford to wage on the back of a 42% increase of year-on-year profit to £2.4bn.

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The future is here blah blah blah…

What a start to the year it’s been for IPTV, scarcely out of the news each week since January moved in and the numbers are looking good. Once we moved past BARB’s attempt in January to tell us that online viewing had plateaued, (viewing on PC/Laptop only grew 3% YOY was the headline, buried in the copy was the news that users switched to accessing content through set-top boxes, mobiles and tablets instead) then the numbers started rolling in. C4 banked stellar numbers on 4oD in November, BBC iPlayer recorded half a million hours of viewing on Boxing Day and then posted 4.3m visits on 2nd January – its record day to date. Read more on The future is here blah blah blah……

What is more difficult, fighting to get content on IPTVs or a seat on a train?

It’s 6.35pm and as my, short on carriages, and over-crowded train pulls out of Waterloo, I’m left wondering whether people prefer for life to be easy, or just not too difficult. The difference? Well, I would argue that we all want an easier life, but it needs some challenges otherwise we get bored. As long as people don’t go out of their way to create difficulty, then we should be happy most of the time.

BBC staff must remember to take ironing boards to Media City

Recently, I visited Media City, up north, and took a tour around the new working environment of hundreds of BBC staff. On first impression, Media City is like something out of a JG Ballard novel: eerie, shiny, futuristic-looking buildings edged along the Manchester ship canal but there was no people around  In design, Media City is a bit like Berlin.

Berlin minus the Reichstag and its other historical structures, mind you, which is kind of my point. Now I am all for decentralising more  BBC TV and radio brands out of London, as the BBC is a national institution and not the preserve of a supposed cultured London elite. Read more on BBC staff must remember to take ironing boards to Media City…

From cuts to C****, Paxman follows Naughtie and Marr with c-word gaff [video]

What is it with the c-word and BBC presenters at the moment? They can not seem to help themselves. Jeremy Paxman has become the latest BBC presenter to mistakenly utter the C-word.

On BBC Newsnight last night during a feature on UK Uncut, Paxman said: “Some of the people who ought to be paying taxes so the cunts, cuts aren’t so bad aren’t actually doing so”. From cuts to c****? Apparently so.  See for yourself. Read more on From cuts to C****, Paxman follows Naughtie and Marr with c-word gaff …

How Sky News sell-off could come about

While some have said News Corporation’s offer to sell Sky News, as part of a deal to allow it to take control of BSkyB, is a non-starter (it loses £30m a year) Robert Peston, the BBC’s business editor, has a neat explanation of how this could in fact come to pass.

BSkyB would simply he writes have to guarantee to take output from Sky News for a number of years — probably ten. That way Sky News is far more likely to attract interested buyers, media or otherwise. Read more on How Sky News sell-off could come about…

BBC World Service to axe 650 jobs

With the BBC announcing it was cutting its web operation on Monday with 200 jobs lost it is the turn of the BBC World Service today, which is to lose 650 jobs or a quarter of its number.

The cuts come as the government removes Foreign and Common Wealth Office aid funding funding as of 214 as part of its budget cuts. Read more on BBC World Service to axe 650 jobs…