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Data v Emotion: A Media360 Thriller

Ogilvy's rory sutherlandThe lowdown from your ringside civilian reporter…

It was like watching two heavyweights slug it out over an epic 15-round bout at this year’s Media360.

In the red corner, the champion fighter, Sugar Ray Emotion.

This is the established warrior of the marketing world, weaving stories into advertising campaigns that are wonderful enough to make grown men cry (see John Lewis) or make airlines pimp up their wings (hello, British Airways).  Suger Ray was old school, preaching stories for brands that float from the gut of Creativity and sting with real Emotion.

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The Opposite Of A Brand Advocate

I conducted a piece of brand research a couple of years ago, which dared to raise a question few people in marketing ever ask; “are there any brands out there that you would refuse to buy, at any price?”

The answer, at the time, was an unqualified ‘yes’! It was remarkable how many markets and brands were deemed toxic by consumers, many of them in the services sector. These were spontaneous outpourings of rage – we just gave them time to get it out of their system. There were many numerous examples of poor, almost non-existent customer service, especially at those times when customers are most in need; when the technology goes wrong. Read more on The Opposite Of A Brand Advocate…

The Diary of an SMG Starter

June 2011 – Upon gradation this summer from Newcastle University, equipped with a degree in economics and the feeling of a small fish in a very big pond, I was somewhat unsure where my life was about to take me. In my head there were lots of questions and very few answers; “Was I destined for the job centre?” Perhaps. “Would I be heading for a career as an international football player?” Less likely. There certainly wasn’t a voice in my head which was asking would I end up with a career in media. Read more on The Diary of an SMG Starter…

The impact of TV spend on search performance

Typically brands can see a 60 to 80 per cent jump in searches on brand terms during the entirety of a TV ad campaign, with a 40 to 60 per cent jump for generic searches.

Facebook Places for Sports Brands

Consumer sports brands have traditionally been at the forefront of media innovation, especially in across online channels. But their marketing counterparts have been remarkably hesitant.

11 trends for 2011

I’m keen to look forward to next year, and what I believe will be some for biggest areas of growth across the world of social media.

Student journalists out in force to cover protests #demo2010

Student media teams from many British universities went out of their way yesterday to cover the second wave of student protests against a proposed hike in tuition fees. Ones to Watch presents some of the best. Read more on Student journalists out in force to cover protests #demo2010…

Tablets the new printing presses – Murdoch’s The Daily

David Carr and Brian Stelter at the New York Times talk about Rupert Murdoch’s planned iPad-only newspaper, due out in 2011. News Corporation is backing The Daily with a $30m budget. Read more on Tablets the new printing presses – Murdoch’s The Daily…

Fairfax Media cautious on online paywall

Fairfax Media Ltd chief executive Brian McCarthy says building paywalls around general news websites may not be the best way to make money. McCarthy says it’s a lot easier for publications that target a niche audience, such as the Fairfax-owned Australian Financial Review, to “monetise” content online. Read more on Fairfax Media cautious on online paywall…

Advertisers want consistent and easy to understand reporting

The raft of new technology innovations such as ad exchanges, ad networks and demand side platforms (DSPs), as well as in-house sales teams are all having a major impact on shaping the way we perceive the buying, selling, and reporting of advertising space.

There is one problem though. Among these changes, there is no consistency in the way in which the buying and selling of advertising space is reported, making it difficult to understand the true value and performance of the advertising space. Read more on Advertisers want consistent and easy to understand reporting…