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In The Event Of A Fire…..

A friend of mine has just had a baby. The little boy Tom is a cute bundle of flesh and noise and no doubt will be the source of great joy throughout his life, as his parents guide him through to adulthood…..

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DigiTalia #7 – WebmasterWorld & PubCon

I’m in Las Vegas at the mo attending PubCon 2007, the conference arm of WebmasterWorld.

It’s a huge conference – over 2200 delegates – from one of the biggest online communities of people passionate about websites, and passionate about marketing those websites through search and a whole host of new and innovative ways.

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DigiTalia #6 – SMX – Search Marketing Expo

Having moved on from Search Engine Strategies – Search gurus, Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman have set up a suite of conferences aimed at the advanced search marketer.

Third Door Media, though Search Marketing Expo, has run successful events in Seattle, Denver &New York, and now have events lined up for Stockholm this week & London 15/16th November.

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DigiTalia #5 – Vannevar Bush

Spoke at Manchester Digital yesterday on The Future of Search and saw an interesting presentation on the Semantic Web by Sean Bechofer, an amiable Scottish computer guy from the University of Manchester.

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DigiTalia #4 – Tipped.co.uk

Hot off the server, this new site is bound to improve John McCririck’s social life!

Nothing to do with the gee gees, Tipped.co.uk is well thought out social-networking cum local-search offering that works wonderfully on your mobile phone too – http://tipped.mobi

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DigiTalia #3 – The Big List

Supporting advertisers through blogs and forums means I have to know what other people are blogging about,so I often get asked which online marketing blogs I read.

The best source of SEM & SEO blogs has to be Lee Odden's BIGLIST – a well maintained collection of over 400 –yes 400! –blogs on all things online marketing.

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DigiTalia #2 – Twitter.com

As promised last week, DigiTalia will attempt bring you a short, sharp intro into new, and nearly new sites, applications and digital marketing paraphernalia that have created some sort of a buzz on the web.

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DigiTalia #1 – DigIntroduction

Ever been in a meeting, at a conference, sitting at an awards ceremony or supping in the pub, and some bright spark’s mentioned something related to new media and you've not had the faintest idea what they’re on about?

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