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The rainforest and the advertising industry

I’ve had a week to digest the talking points of our Zeitgeist conference, where royals, bankers, business leaders, journalists and even an Amazonian tribal chief came together to discuss issues of the day. But one issue in particular stuck in my mind – sustainability.

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…And access for all

As you may have read in a previous post, our house is currently a building site and we’re living in temporary accommodation. Although the flat is nice enough, the family and I are all starting to miss our creature comforts: my wife and I the garden and the Sky Plus HD box, the kids their trampoline. But we’re united in yearning for broadband which we’re all struggling to cope without.

My youngest daughter is a fan of the Bratz website (about dolls and accessories, for those of you without young girls), my son his Xbox live gaming & my eldest a constant stream of YouTube – let alone all their homework requirements which seem to demand internet access these days.

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It’s great up in the digital North

I’ve recently come back from a couple of days in the north,
where I had breakfast, lunch and dinner with most of our agency partners in
that part of the world.

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Customer service and brand reputation. Ah-haa!

for not blogging over the last couple of weeks, but we’ve got builders tearing my house apart – and finding a temporary
home for the family has been taking up a lot of time (outside of work
of course)!

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Desert Island Digital

I had a call last week from an old colleague from BTLooksmart. Five years ago, after we’d all been made redundant, he got a touch of the “Monty Pythons” and decided to leave the online industry for something completely different….

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Where’s BBC Sport?

In March I wrote about the BBC's new look news site

What I find odd from a usability point of view, is that sport doesn't feature on the left-hand navigation rail. It is further down under “related BBC sites.”

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Twittering Cricket

The BBC has continued to impress with its embracing of new technologies by having the Test Match Special team Twittering from the boundary…

I'm in Seattle at the mo and am listening to the 1st Test commentary over the internet and am now following twitter updates here: https://twitter.com/bbctms

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IAB – Online Advertising Up 38% to £2.8B – WOW!

New figures from the IABshow yet again that the online advertising model is no flash in the pan….

Banners, skyscrapers and rich media saw a staggering 45% growth in 2007, showing agencies and advertisers are obviously seeing the benefit from a branding and, in some cases, a direct response effect.

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Best Of The Web – 1998

Found this little gem yesterday – Best Of The Web Awards 1998– 10 years is a long time in New Media…..

It's US-centric but hilarious nontheless.

“Best Navigation Aid (?) – Yahoo!”

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Watch Out Boys! Girls Do Social Networking Best!

Nice piece yesterday in the Sunday Times showing how the internet is no longer just the place for spotty male geeks to gather. Not that that stereotype is necessarily warranted, but check out how Libby Purves referred to my blog a few months back!!!

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