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Have we taken leave of our census?

Have we taken leave of our census?Our 200-year-old census is under threat. Time has been called on the decennial bastion of market research. The ONS have announced that they will shortly be launching a consultation to discuss two possible options: either an online-only census every ten years or a re-packaging of administrative data regularly collected every year by the Government combined with a rolling annual survey.

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Celebrity. Human after all.

Modalu Pippa Grab BagChances are that willingly or not, few of us will have managed to avoid “day 101” in the big brother celeb fest of “I’m a jungle-celebrity-strictly-dancing on ice” before and after Christmas.

But oh how we love it.  Just look at how popular the Daily Mail online is – the world’s most visited newspaper website, which features a heavy quota of celeb-related articles. Read more on Celebrity. Human after all….

A conversation between Big Data and Market Research

“Hey MR old man, how’s it hanging?”

“It’s hanging very well, Big Data, thank you for asking.  And less of the old.”

“I don’t know how you coped in your day having to design questionnaires and sample frames and then have interviewers go out and ask people questions – it must have taken an age and cost the Earth.  We get brand and device usage data now on tap, loads of it, all the time for pretty much zero data collection cost.” Read more on A conversation between Big Data and Market Research…

As Big Data gains weight, can it be trusted without market research insights?

This blog is written by Claire Emes and Gabriela Mancero, Ipsos MORI

Big Data: Elephant in the room?It seems like a long time since President Obama was re-elected.  The Republicans still control the House of Representatives, the Democrats still control the Senate and President Obama is still President. While it seems like we are back to business as usual, some things have changed!  Politics has shown us that the era of big data has now permeated through all industries, even politics. Read more on As Big Data gains weight, can it be trusted without market research insights?…

We’re (not) all going on a summer holiday…

As I return to work from a pretty wet week in Cornwall, I discover that our latest research* shows that I’m not alone in tightening the holiday purse strings!

We’re (not) all going on a summer holiday…Only half of Brits plan to take a holiday at all this summer (down from two-thirds in 2008), with it being the main thing we plan to cut back on. In fact, twice as many of us plan to make savings on holidays than cut the amount we spend on food or even games/technology products! With two in five British adults having at least one of the latest generation games consoles (Wii, Xbox or PS3) in their household and almost half now owning a Smartphone, I guess the money has got to come from somewhere!

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The Winner Takes it All

No, watching Eurovision isn’t making me nostalgic for ABBA (but by the way how great was the Twitter conversation on the night!).

No. The title for this blog is inspired by some data we have from our mobile passive measurement panel.
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